Bob Dye was an active member and Deacon/Elder of Noelridge Park Church since he and his wife Coral moved to Cedar Rapids in 1970. Bob L. Dye was born on March 15, 1937 in Gowanda, a small town in rural western New York State. He was the third child of Ralph and Marian Scott Dye. Bob grew up on a dairy farm on Dye Road in South Dayton, NY.

A devoted Christian, Bob graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College in North Chili, NY with a degree in Religion & Philosophy. Later he became an ordained minister.

Bob met his future wife Coral Small at his brother Nelson’s wedding. Bob and Coral married in Silver Creek, NY on June 14, 1958 (Flag Day). Bob’s first job out of college was for Youth for Christ (YFC) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, an organization whose first employee was Billy Graham. His true lifelong mission was helping teenagers come to know Jesus Christ. He would go on to serve the Lord through his work with YFC for the next 48 years, until his retirement from YFC in 2007.

In 1961, Coral and Bob moved to Port Huron, Michigan to head up the local YFC chapter. He led a “Teen Team” of college students on a YFC mission trip to Peru, the first of many trips overseas. He and Coral moved to Cedar Rapids in 1970 to be Executive Director of Eastern Iowa Youth for Christ. In 1972, Bob started the annual Campus Life Caravan, a 10-day Colorado camping trip for about 100 teenagers. He created and built the renowned “Chuck Wagon”, a pull-behind kitchen designed to serve Caravan meals and community pancake breakfasts.

In 1987, he was promoted to YFC’s Northern States Regional Field Director and served a five-state region for 15 years, traveling thousands of miles. He looked forward to collaborating with YFC Directors and was a mentor to many young YFC staff in their shared passion for reaching kids for Christ.

In 2004, Bob and Coral started “Breakfast Club” at Kennedy High School to provide thought-provoking discussion over breakfast. On Thursday afternoons Bob visited during all four lunch periods at the Kennedy cafeteria and made it a point to sit next to someone new every week. He loved connecting with everyone he met and would ask, “How are you doing today?” or “Where are you from?” and was genuinely interested in listening and learning their story.

Bob and Coral hosted 22 foreign-exchange students from Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia and enjoyed the sharing of cultures.


bob dye

To honor Bob’s steadfast spirit of giving, his family and Heartland YFC have established the “Bob Dye Memorial Golf Challenge”, played every year, in June. Donations will help with ongoing Heartland YFC ministries.

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